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Light and Easy

The Omyasphere 300 series is a lightweight filler based on closed-cell expanded perlite, with a very low density and precise particle size distribution providing important benefits in synthetic/ cultured marble.

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The Omyasphere 300 series combines very low apparent density with high brightness, meaning less weight for the same volume. This reduction in weight will benefit the handling process and total production cost.
The grades have been developed with precise particle size distributions and coatings tailored to resin type in order to reduce absorption and improve matrix viscosity.

It is well known that mineral casting and polymer concrete have a density above 2000 kg/m3, which hinders the handling process. Moreover, the heavy weight of traditional synthetic marble applications (i.e. shower bases, vanity tops, sinks, bathtubs) requires more labor for transportation and installation than lighter weight alternatives.
Omyasphere 300 series can help you capture those savings by reducing up to 40% of the weight in cultured/ synthetic marble elements.


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Main Benefits
Reduce weight up to 40%
Lower transportation cost
Higher yield
Easier product handling & installation
Interested in how to use Omyasphere 300 series? More information to be found in the formulation guideline below.


Formulation guideline


Reduced energy & labor cost
Less brittle
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Meeting the Growing Demand for Lightweight Fillers

Omya offers a unique portfolio of lightweight fillers to the broader construction industry. It will support approaches to reduce the weight of products while enhancing application properties and finally adding value in the reformulation of existing recipes.
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